We improve how people work, learn, and collaborate using scientific research and person-centred design

All great organizations  have one thing in common – they have great people. Dialectic enables individuals and teams to overcome their challenges and achieve exceptional results. 

We work in Organizational Culture and Learning & Development.

With expertise in organizational development, learning, and social psychology, we create solutions for businesses and non-profits.

Our Expertise

Organizational Culture

We understand and solve complex people problems by pinpointing and addressing root issues. Using hands-on research, focus groups, ethnography, and one-on-one interviews, we uncover nuances that employee surveys just don’t.

Learning & Development

We create transformational training. Our immersive and effective learning experiences are grounded in the latest in learning research and instructional design and crafted to fit your context.
TEDxKitchenerED 2020

Why E-learning is Killing Education

Aaron Barth speaking about Why E-learning is Killing Education at TEDxKitchenerED, February 22, 2020.