Dialectic Book Club: AI and Machine Learning for Business

The Dialectic Book Club recently explored one of today’s hottest topics, discussing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business by Steven Finlay, a practical and concise overview geared to managers and business people.

Finlay is a data scientist with a Ph.D. in predictive modelling, who specializes in developing machine-learning solutions in big data industries, including the financial sector.

The book begins with the basics, providing easy-to-absorb definitions of machine learning and AI and then explores the value of machine learning and how it works. It provides insights on building a predictive model and how to use such a model to make decisions, as well as ethical implications.

Dialectic team takeaways:

  1. In the short term, machine learning will add jobs, rather than suppress them.
  2. Algorithms can be biased or even racist… if the people who create them are.
  3. Algorithms are fantastic tools for analyzing vast amounts of data and making predictions about the world — such as sales forecasts — but humans are still needed to interpret and act on those predictions.

Also see our advice on getting your workplace machine-learning ready: Machine Learning, AI and Change Management: 3 Ways Leaders Can Prepare Their Organization for Success.

The Dialectic team regularly meets to discuss books that contribute insights to our work designing e-learning, organizational change and customer experiences. Next up, we’re reading Cathy Moore’s Map It: The Hands-On Guide to Strategic Training Design.

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