Employee Journey Maps

Root out employee engagement problems

With Employee Journey Maps, you can go beyond the superficial data aggregated in employee surveys to find the true sources of employee issues. Employee Journey Maps illuminate the specific information you need to design fixes for real people.


What is Employee Journey Mapping?

Taking a cue from the concept of Customer Journey Mapping, Employee Journey Mapping focuses on the key moments in an employee’s daily experience. By looking specifically at what’s happening for an employee throughout their day, you can reveal the things that hold them back, frustrate them, and energize them to do the work they love. You can do all this in ways that you’d never be able to do using a standard survey.

Employee Journey Mapping not only lets you see what’s happening at the micro level, it also helps you find commonalities across employees and teams. It’s a richer, more complete view of what’s happening.

Sample of a journey map showing an employee's experience in their work place
Sample of a journey map showing an employee's blockers and enablers

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