Dialectic’s Employee Recognition Tool Helps Solve the “Disengagement Epidemic”

Experts in science-backed, people-centred design say recognition strategies are key to strengthening employee culture and boosting bottom line

GUELPH, ON | June 7, 2019 – Dialectic, leaders in solving complex people problems with scientific and person-centred design, have developed a solution to the ongoing “disengagement epidemic.” The company’s new guide draws on employee feedback, bringing a representative range of perspectives to developing a meaningful and effective rewards and recognition program.

Empowered to co-create solutions that work for the whole organization, employees play a critical role in building a recognition-rich culture using Dialectic’s approach. Dialectic works with organizational leaders to align recognition with the values and objectives of the business.

“Frankly, most employee engagement tools lack effectiveness because they don’t engage the very people they are aiming to have an effect on: employees,” says Dr. Aaron Barth, founder and president of Dialectic. “In order to solve the disengagement epidemic, tools need to be driven by science – and be person-centred in their design.”

Organizations can apply Dialectic’s new approach to employee engagement in this step-by-step tool, designed to enable leaders to create an employee recognition program specific to the organization’s unique needs.


Dialectic solves complex people problems using scientific research and person-centred design to produce behaviour change at scale.


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